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Why Choose Sedation Dentistry?

Why Choose Southern Minnesota Sedation Dentistry?

Reasons why you may be an excellent candidate for Sedation Dentistry:

1 -Fear or dread of visiting the dental office

  • high fear, medium fear, or low fear
  • fear of the medical and/or dental profession
  • fear of the doctor and/or dentist
  • fear of embarrassment because of poor teeth
  • fear of embarrassment or being made feel bad for dental problems or years of neglect
  • fear of getting “the guilt trip”
  • fear of having treatment done in your mouth
  • fear of pain, discomfort, or sensitivity

2 - Dread of needles and painful shots

3 - Dread of bad dental noises, smells, and tastes

4 - Dread of the rubber dam

5 - Past traumatic dental experiences

6 - Past difficulty getting completely numb

7 - History of a bad gag response or gag reflex

8 - History of very sensitive teeth

9 - History of sensitive or overly curious tongue

10 - History of sore jaw during long dental appointments

11 - History of complex dental problems

12 - Limited time to complete dental care due to family

  • difficult to spend time away from children or family

13 - Limited time to complete dental care due to job

  • difficult to take time off from a busy work schedule
  • difficult to take time off from work due to loss of pay


When you come into our office for the first time, we try to roll out an imaginary red carpet, in the manner we treat you. You will be greeted and taken on our new client experience tour which will help you in knowing that your care is in good hands. In most instances, you would have already completed the patient, medical, and dental information before you arrive. You will meet the doctor who will listen to the challenged you have had in the past with dentistry. The doctor will review your medical and dental history and with your help identify your chief concerns. After the necessary x-ray series has been taken, a thorough and comprehensive examination is performed. One of our gentle hygienists may then meet you to carefully evaluate the health of your gums and tooth support. If you are anxious about taking x-rays or receiving a gum disease assessment, please let us know so that we may make arrangements to have these services completed during your first sedation appointment.


Our objective for this second visit to our practice would be to continue the red carpet treatment you received at your first visit. If necessary, we will gather any additional information about your dental situation that was not revealed at your first visit. A baseline of your heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation will be recorded so that we can safely care for you during all of your future sedation appointments.

We have found that many of our patients find it helpful to bring their spouse (or someone whom they feel secure with) to this second visit to our office. It is at this visit that the doctors will discuss the findings of your comprehensive exam and present our recommendations for you to achieve dental health. The doctor will discuss your treatment options explaining risks, benefits, and alternatives so that you may make good decisions about how to approach your treatment.

One of our team members will then explain all the costs of your treatment. We are dedicated to working with you to help maximize your dental benefits (purchased by your employer). We want to help you obtain the most value from your investment of time and finances. We are at your service in making dental health a reality for you. If convenient, we will provide avenues of financing so that our services are affordable and you can receive the dental care you need and desire.

With the help of checklists, we will discuss your consent to put your health and best interest in our qualified hands. We will thoroughly explain all expectations and directions for your sedation appointment.

The day before your sedation visit, you should try to avoid eating fatty foods so that your body will better absorb the sedation medications. At bedtime, you will take a small pill after brushing and flossing. This will allow you to receive a good night sleep and be well rested for the next day.After bedtime,you should avoid eating, drinking, and smoking until after your sedation appointment.


The morning of your sedation visit, you will take a small pill, as directed by the doctor, one hour prior to your sedation appointment. This will take the place of your breakfast since the medication will work more effectively on an empty stomach. It is very important for your safety and the safety of others that a family member drive you to our dental office and accompany you inside the building by arm.

By the time you arrive, you will begin to feel drowsy so after a quick bathroom visit, you will be escorted into our comfortable sedation room. You will relax on our cushioned dental chair, be covered with our cozy blankets, be given calming music through headphones, and tinted glasses will protect and soothe your eye, while your vitals are closely monitored by the pulse oximeter and our trained dental team.

Your doctor will evaluate your level of sedation and fine tune your relaxation accordingly by possibly placing powdered medication gently under your tongue to dissolve. After you are completely comfortable, your doctor and his experienced dental team will take care of your planned dental needs.

When your treatment is completed, you will be given juice and kept hydrated until you can be escorted to your family member who is ready to drive you safely home. All instructions will be given to this family member and the rest of the day is yours to relax at home and rest. You are now one step closer to achieving optimal dental health.

Scheduling an appointment with Southern Minnesota Sedation Dentistry is as easy as visiting our Appointment Request page or calling our office at (507) 625-2273. We look forward to hearing from you!

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