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Anesthetic Buffering - Sodium Bicarbonate Chemistry In Our Anesthetic

Onset Sodium Bicarbonate is added with a special mixing pen to the four kinds of anesthetic we use depending on the patient, situation, location of injection and duration of appointment. This safe additive acts as a neutralizing agent making the anesthetic the same pH or acidity as the tissue being numbed. Making the ph of the anesthetic similar to the tissues avoids the common burning sensation patients feel with injections. Onset Anesthetic Buffering assists our anesthetics in crossing the myelin sheath of nerves resulting in a more effective, profound numbing of the area.

Benefits of Onset Anesthetic Buffering

  • Greatly reduces anxiety and worry about getting fully numb
  • Significantly more comfortable than the typical injection
  • Softens the feeling and avoids the common burning sensation of the anesthetic entering the tissues
  •  More efficient use of time since it can numb quicker and  more efficiently
  • Effective practice for successfully numbing patients who are more difficult to numb 
  • Patients are more confident that our dental practice has the latest technology
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