ISOLITE is a comfortable, dentist invented device that can be used on all patients young and old. It is described as a safe, clear, rubber-like mouthpiece that eases the jaw  joint, protects the soft issues of the mouth like the lips, tongue and cheek. ISOLITE lights the isolated area and effectively suctions the mouth of excess fluids. Forget about gagging on tons of water during a dental procedure. Forget about having gobs of cotton stuffed in your mouth. Forget about the danger of swallowing an instrument, a crown, a piece of tooth  or mercury metal fillings. Forget about rubber dams covering your mouth up. Forget about rubber dam clamps pinching your gums. Forget about having to endure long appointments without breaks. ISOLITE is the isolation solution you’ve been waiting for.
The ISOLITE dental isolation system allows us to quickly and easily perform a dental procedure with  better visibility and moisture control, with improved efficiency and clinical results. ISOLITE is all about ensuring patient safety and comfort since it can be quickly removed for numerous breaks during dental procedures. Faster, better and safer!

Benefits of the ISOLITE isolation system

  • Greatly reduces anxiety and worry about protection of your lips, mouth, tongue and throat
  • Significantly more comfortable than the rubber dam, cheek retractors or cotton rolls commonly used for dental procedures
  • Eases the strain and fatigue of your jaw, joint, tongue, muscles and tissues of your mouth
  •  More efficient use of time since eliminates the need for cotton, cheek retractors, rubber dams, clamps and excessive suctioning of your throat
  • Achieves better visibility of your teeth for the dentist to do their best work
  • Unparalleled control of the oral environment through improved visibility, oral humidity control, and minimizing the chance of accidental contamination. 
  • Helps eliminate the possibility of swallowing or inhaling mercury metal filling or vapor
  • Helps eliminate the possibility of swallowing decay, pieces of tooth, filling material, infection, diseased tissue, dental work like crowns and bridges or dental instruments and materials
  • Patients are more confident that our dental practice has the latest technology
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